Our sole reason for offering high-speed internet services is to meet the needs of members like you. You will no longer have to rely on DSL, fixed wireless, or satellite internet to stay connected online. You will be able to stream high-definition media smoothly and quickly, have the data capacity to download and upload data such as files, photos, and videos at super-fast speeds, and have access to the latest technological advancements and applications. Our FTTH world-class service will be reliable, affordable, and backed by your local trusted co-op.

You will be able to run multiple devices – such as cell phones, computers, and laptops – simultaneously in your home or business without decreased download and upload speeds. The table below gives you a speed comparison between what you may have now and what is possible with FTTH.

Downloads* Typical DSL/Wireless/Satellite


Standard internet speed

(25 Mbps)

Fiber Internet

Up to 1000 Mbps (1Gigabit)

Download 100 photos 14.7 minutes 1.8 minutes 2.6 seconds
Download an HD movie 4.8 hours 34.4 minutes 51.5 seconds
Download 50 Songs 8.2 minutes 1 minute 1.5 seconds
Download a 50GB Game 39.8 hours 4.8 hours 7.2 minutes

* Download speeds calculated using the following averages:

  • Digital Photo - 3.15 MB
  • HD Movie - 6 GB
  • Song - 3.5 MB
  • Game - 50 GB