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Numerous energy industry-related bills are introduced by legislators at the state and national level every session. Before those bills are passed into legislation, SCAEC, along with other electric cooperatives throughout Arkansas and the U.S., educate legislators on the possible effects of those bills on the utility grid infrastructure, the environment, and the energy cost for their constituents. From time to time, we ask our Member-Owners to take action in letting legislators know how an introduced bill could significantly raise energy costs. As members and owners, we understand the cooperative difference. Standing on the seven cooperative principles, we encourage member-owners to come together to combat the challenges we face locally. Our perspectives are important and deserve to be heard. South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative encourages you to use your voice for good. For more information on issues at the national level click here.


Doing what’s best for members means continually working to keep you informed and involved so that every voice is heard. And with the legislative guide app, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are putting the power to connect in your pocket. This easy-to-use app keeps you informed with:

  • Listings of state and federal officials
  • Detailed profiles of officials
  • Interactive content links
  • Maps with personal pinpoint functions

To download the app, click the icon below.

It’s one more way the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas is staying ahead of Arkansas’s energy needs and leading the way for a balanced approach to providing reliable, affordable power.

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