Be sure your water heater is safe and dependable!

If you need a new water heater, an electric water heater is safer, easier, and even cheaper than you may realize. That’s because with an electric water heater, there are no fumes, no flames, no flues and no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

So if you need a new water heater, go with a dependable electric water heater.

Visit Marathon Water Heaters for product information.

To purchase a Marathon water heater, call Arkansas Electric Cooperative, Utility Sales and Service Department in Little Rock, at (800) 451-8061. They will deliver the water heater to South Central Electric Cooperative and you can pick it up.

Water heater: brass union connections provide easy installation or reinstallation. Factory installed T&P relief valve and vacuum relief valve. Highest energy factor by model of any water heater. Water tight outer jacket delivers dependable service - even challenging environments. Rugged polyethylene jacket resists shipping damage and won't rust. Unique low watt-density coated elements offer exceptional performance and durability. Oversized element ports for easy sediment removal. Envirofoam insulation that is CFC and HCFC free. Recessed brass drain valve. Bowl shaped bottom for easier, more complete draining.