Complete Transparency

At South Central Connect, we believe in complete transparency regarding fees. We understand the importance of clarity for our subscribers. Our fee structure is straightforward, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for. There are no hidden charges or surprise costs so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with our high-speed internet service. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering exceptional value and exceptional service.

Our Fee Structure

Opening Accounts:

New Account Install Fee: $100 one-time fee

Reconnecting Account Fee: $25 one-time fee
* Reconnecting an account after being temporarily suspended for any reason.
* If suspended for three months or more, a Service Call Fee may apply to ensure the quality of service.

Service Calls:

Service Call Fee: $50 one-time fee
* A truck is dispatched to fix broken equipment inside the home. (Equipment that is faulty or expired is not considered broken.)
* A truck is dispatched to modify or change any part of the installation.
* A truck is dispatched to assist the subscriber with equipment not belonging to South Central. (Example: Subscriber cannot change input on their TV.)


Replacement Remote Control: $15 one-time fee
* can be mailed to the subscriber or picked up in the office.

Damaged Fiber Drop or Replacement Fiber Drop: $1,000 one-time fee
* If a locate was NOT requested by the subscriber and there is damage to our fiber drop.
* Fee can be billed over 12 months

The only time we do not charge the fee is whenever South Central Connect or ARKUPS 811 is at fault for the damage.