South Central Connect came to life thanks to the board of directors of South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative. They believe in the necessity of high-speed internet access in our service area, rural south central Arkansas, and don’t believe the other internet service providers are building there. Several other electric cooperatives across the nation have built fiber-to-the-home services, so they approved the project for South Central Connect to come to life. The consensus is that your local cooperative is bringing the necessity of Internet service to your house, much like they did electricity in the 1930s. South Central Connect will be owned by South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative and will stand alone as a for-profit corporation.

We are working with a consulting group to make this dream become a reality. The plan is to provide fiber-to-the-home services to the entire service area of South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative in a 4-year project. The goal is also to extend beyond our service area as long as we find there is a need and you tell us you want our service.

We will offer internet service from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps symmetrical speeds. Symmetrical simply means the same speed up and down. We will also provide television service and VOIP phone service with unlimited calling to anyone in the contiguous United States, caller ID and call waiting, and other great features that you expect out of your home phone.

So, join us in this effort so we can be sure to continue our project through South Central Arkansas. We think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to finally have internet service that keeps up with your lifestyle!