The Fiber-to-the-Home Project

How do I sign up for service?

South Central Connect’s SmartHub portal allows members to enter their electric account number and home or business address to determine if the household or business is in the service area, and/or when service might be available. The portal is continually updated as construction progresses and will be accessible through smartphones and other electronic devices.

How will I get FTTH services through the co-op?

South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative’s fiber subsidiary South Central Connect, offers fiber internet, TV, and telephone services to members within the co-op’s service territory. The subsidiary is a separate company and will be managed separately from the electric cooperative. While South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative will manage its electric grid to provide electricity across our service territory, members will get their broadband services through South Central Connect. Members will be billed separately for their electric service and their broadband service.

Where will the internet service be offered?

Service will be available to 100% of our cooperative members as well as many in surrounding communities that are non-members. You can check availability for your address by using the "Service Map" link at the top of this page.

What is the current status of construction?

The buildout will be completed in phases, and eventually, it will reach all of our 10,000 members. Construction is complete and service is currently being installed in the Arkadelphia, Richwoods, Alpine, Amity, Bismarck, Curtis, Daisy, Murfreesboro, Delight, Glenwood, Okolona, South Fork, Centerpoint zones as well as some of the Nathan, Whelen Springs and Caddo Valley zones. Construction is still underway to bring services to the Gurdon and Hope East zones and we have started collecting data for many more, off-system builds.

What is the timeframe and scope of the buildout?

This FTTH buildout encompasses over 1,800 miles of fiber and will ultimately reach 100% of more than 10,000 members. The buildout will provide access to broadband benefits for thousands of rural Arkansas homes and businesses.

What is South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative building?

Our electric cooperative is building a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network – the gold standard of communications transmission – over its existing electric distribution infrastructure that will take fiber directly into homes and businesses and deliver reliable, high-speed internet services.