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Security Lights

South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative members can request to have a security light installed at their physical location by contacting our office.  Once the request is received, one of our staking engineers will set up a time to meet with you to plan out the best place to locate the security light.  



Mercury Vapor*

Lamp Size

Monthly Charge

High Pressure

Sodium Lamp Size

Monthly Charge
175W $11.72 100W $13.16
400W $18.87 150W $15.74
1000W $41.12 400W $23.07

*Mercury Vapor lights are no longer offered


Adjustments to Rate Schedules

Cost of Energy Adjustment:

The Cooperative increases or decreases its retail rates each month by an amount sufficient to compensate for the difference between the Cooperative's actual cost per kWh that it purchases and the cost per kWh on which its rate schedules are based.  Adjustments for street lights and security lights (Schedule 4) are based on the following kWh usage per month.


Lamp Size kWh per Month Lamp Size kWh per Month
175W 74 100W HPS 42
400W 170 150W HPS 63
1000W 425 400W HPS 170


Additional charges shall be at the following rates:

Poles - $3.05 per pole per month and includes 150 ft. service wire

Transformers - $4.75 per transformer per month

Security Light Customer Only - $3.00 per month per light plus monthly customer charge.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 prohibits the sale and manufacturer of mercury vapor lighting.  At this time, South Central is not able to offer mercury vapor lease lighting to our customers.  For customers with existing mercury vapor lease lights that need bulbs repaired or replaced, we will gladly do so with sodium bulbs.


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